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Vanessa Sophia Robertson is the owner and lead artist of Visualize Creativity. She is a freelance makeup artist, face & body painter based out of Tempe, Arizona.

" Body paint is the ultimate art form. The possibilities are endless when an artist is painting on a canvas that lives, breathes, moves, and speaks."

-Vanessa S. Robertson

The Name

I grew up in the Midwest but later found my home in Arizona. Starting out in high school I studied theatre and then received a BA in Theatre with a concentration in Design & Production from Arizona State University. After taking numerous art and makeup classes I finally discovered body painting, which is my true passion. I've taken classes and workshops taught by some of the most talented and respected body painters in the world. I constantly challenge myself to continue to grow and advance my skills in order to provide a memorable experience for my clients.

My Story


I came up with my business name in one of my classes in college and it just stuck. I didn't know at the time that I would become a makeup artist or face and body painter, but I knew no matter what that I would end up working with people to bring their vision to life with my artistic skills. I have always prided myself on producing work with integrity and putting the client’s projects and needs first. With a background in design I learned how important it is to incorporate many elements into a piece and create a work of art that is both aesthetically pleasing and meets the needs of the project. I approach each job as an opportunity to create new and original work through research and communication with the client. I encourage clients to come to me with their ideas and sources of reference so I can create a unique piece tailored to them. 

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