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Visualize Creativity Teams Up with Minder Binder's this Halloween!!

"Team" seems to be the word of the month this September, in the last few weeks I have setup a ton of projects and events and plan on working with many talented and creative people. There are some great ideas in the works!!! I'm happy to announce that I will be setting up a "Pop-Up" Studio at The Mission @ Minder Binder's in Tempe this Halloween. Not only is it an amazing venue with great staff and great food, but it is a place that really inspires me.

My goal for this Halloween is to give clients the opportunity to be completely transformed. To do that I need a little help, so I will be leading a team of creative artists in order to offer clients a one of a kind experience. One of my favorite parts of my job is working with clients to develop a custom design for their Halloween costume using body paint and to create a unique design tailored to each individual. As part of my creative team, the amazing hair stylist Luis Solis will be joining me on Halloween day!!! I hope that my clients take advantage of the opportunity to get professional hair and makeup done in addition to body paint, it really completes your look!

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