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ASU vs. USC Family Weekend Event

This event was so much fun to paint at! I had 3 other talented artists helping me out, Jocelyn Casdorph, Christina Ranburger, and Anna Hernandez! Thanks guys you all were amazing! It was Family Weekend at ASU so there were a lot of ASU students tailgating with their families. It was wonderful to see entire families enjoying themselves and as artist we loved to be able to provide a memorable experience for them. Even with four artists we still had a long line of fans waiting to get painted up before the big game!

We got some great photos from this event, below is a slideshow featuring some of my favorites! See you next game Sun Devils when ASU plays against Colorado! October 10th, 2015!!!

#ASUfootball #Sparky #ASU #SunDevils #FacePaint #FacePaintDesigns #ASUFamilyWeekend #MaroonandGold #VisualizeCreativity #DevilsonCollege

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