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ASU "Fear the Force!"

This past Saturday not only was it the ASU "Black Out" Game, but the Sun Devil Marketplace planned many Star Wars related activities for families and fans in the pre-game area. As we went to setup our area to paint in we were surrounded by lifesize inflated R2-D2's and Stormtroopers. Everyone was very excited about this theme! We had a great time painting up members of ASU's Fencing Team who were doing lightsaber battles outside the store!

Since this was a Star Wars themed event I decided to put a Darth "Sun Devil" Maul on the design board..and it was a hit!! We painted many Darth Mauls from college students to toddlers. I love creating fun designs that all ages can get excited about! Jocelyn also came up with this cute Queen Amidala design featuring a Pitchfork Crown shown below.

Congrats ASU for winning this game 48-23!!! We saw a lot of Fireworks going off!

Alright Sun Devil fans! Can't wait to see you at the next game on October 29th! Look for us upstairs in the Sun Devil Marketplace :)

Next game........

ASU vs. Oregon 10/29/15

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ASU Pre-Game Face Painting


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