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ASU First "White Out" Game Painting

The ASU first "White Out" game was a success! Not only did ASU beat New Mexico 34-10, but the stands were filled with fans sporting white shirts and some awesome face paint designs done by my team! Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite looks!

For the white out ga​​me we changed up the classic ASU pitchfork for a white and maroon one. The half Sparky face is one of my favorite designs featured in this pic. The combo of the white shirts and white pitchforks really pumped up fans for this game!

I love this "Sugar Skull Sparky" design. This guy definitely drew a crowd with his extreme face paint! Painted by Jocelyn Casdorph. In Arizona, Dia de Los Muertos makeup designs are very popular, and I anticipate this one being a huge hit the closer we get to Halloween. I was inspired to do this design when I came across an Etsy shop owner Mickel Yantz "MYantz" who does Dia de Los Muertos designs on famous characters and football mascots. You never know when you will come across amazing inspiration!

Alright Sun Devils, Visualize Creativity and the fans have your back! This saturday 9/26/15 is another home game, which means we have the advantage, and of course my team of amazing artists will be in the Sun Devil Marketplace again getting fans prepped for the game. ASU vs. USC!! One of our biggest rivals! Keep the winning streak going devils!!

Visualize Creativity



Sun Devil Marketplace

660 S. College Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281

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